TOP Indian Festivals & Places Every Content Creator MUST VISIT in 2022!

India is a thriving country where festivals are round-the-year vibrant occasions that help in breaking the mundane routine of life. The same festival, though celebrated differently in various parts of the country, exhibits an eternal harmony of spirit of the Indian culture and every season brings along new festivals. Being a content creator and a travel photographer, one needs to know the exact dates and patterns of the event which are there so that one can plan accordingly and get the most of out the calendar .

Along with festivals, India offers a huge array of geography and demography which are suitable to visit at particular times of the year to get the most out of it, as a travel photographer, blogger or a content creator of any sorts .

Indian festivals have evolved from being simple affairs to grand public occasions. People from various fields come together to organise these events on a large scale, from the decorators, to artisans, to event managers, the entire colony or locality gets together to make the celebrations a success. At times competitions for the best decoration/ best organised event are also held. From this varying ranges of visuals, one can easily create that award winning photo!

Here is the month-wise list of all the different festivals and places in India to visit in 2020:


1. Republic Day Parade Rehearsals (New Delhi) - 1 to 20 January 2022

The Republic Day Parade Rehearsals which happen at Rajpath, New Delhi every year is an amazing chance for you to get epic shots of soldiers parading and practicing in sync. The practice parades are open for photographers to go up close and take pictures without any hassle as such. The shots can be taken from January 1 to January 20, every day from as early as 4 AM in the morning to 9 AM.

2. Kite Festival (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) - 7 to 14 January 2022

Every year the International Kites Festival takes place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As a photographer, you can get some amazing photos of thousands of unique and colourful kites in the sky, all at once.

3. Bikaner Festival (Bikaner, Rajasthan) - 11 to 12 January 2022

The Bikaner Camel Festival is annually organized camel festival by the  Ministry of Tourism, Rajasthan and cultural extravaganza held in the city of Bikaner.

Bikaner Camel Festival attracts thousands of visitors every year from every nook and corner of the World.  On this occasion, thousands of local people, from near and far, come to Bikaner with their Camels. In addition, the folk dancers, painters, sculptures and musicians visit the fair and perform their art. It can be a great alternative to the otherwise crowded Pushkar Camel Fair.

4. Float Festival (Maduari, TN) - 15 Jan to 15 Feb 2022

The float festival is also known as Teppam festival and its main hub is Madurai, which is a Temple town in Tamil Nadu and is at its peak during the entire duration of ceremonywhich takes place on the full moon evening in the month of January and February. It is very different to any festival which is held in South India, the Teppam festival has its rituals performed on the waters of Mariamman Teppakulam Lake which is located next to Meenakshi Amman Temple.


5. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (Mumbai, Maharashtra) - 1 to 9 February 2022

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is without a doubt one of the most awaited festivals each year. Held annually, it is an exhibition and celebration of theatre, music, theatre, films, comedy and world art. It is held every year in Mumbai and attracts over 150,000 people from the city and beyond. 2022 marks the 23rd edition of this festival which will be held in the Kala Ghoda Art District as it has been in the past years. This edition will also be special as the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi will be celebrated.

6. Desert Festival (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan) - 7 to 9 February 2022

To spread the traditional colours of Rajasthan and to seek global attention from around the world, the Jaisalmer Desert Festival puts up a grand show of its local elements that are iconic to the place. There are amazing jugglery performances, the famous dance forms like Gair and the folk fire dances add glamour to the festival.


7. Holi Festival (Mathura/Vrindavan, UP)- 10 to 15 March 2022

By far the most exciting and picture perfect location to get to for every photographer in India is the world famous Lathmar Holi that happens every year in Mathura/Vrindavan along with Barsana and Nandgaon which come under the same belt.

Barsana Lathmaar Holi followed by the repulsive action at Nandgaon is so exciting! 'Falen Ki Holi' takes place in the Falen village 40 km from Mathura, where a priest walks bare footed and bare bodied through a mound of fire! It is said the family of the priest is blessed by a saint to stay unaffected by fire, just like 'Prahlad'. Be sure, this mind boggling event will surpass all the chills and thrills you must have seen! Lastly, 'Dauji Huranga', which is played in the village of Lord Krishna's elder brother Baldeo who was also called 'Dauji'. It is going to drench your senses in a splash of colors!

Mathura Holi Dates 2022 & Programs:

1.Barsana Holi : 10 March 2022 : Barsana Laddu Holi in Sri ji Temple

2. Barsana Holi ( Main ) : 11 March 2022 : Barsana Lathmar Holi ( Main Holi Barsana )

3. Nandgaon Holi : 12 March 2022, Thursday : Lathmar Holi in Nand Bhawan

4. Mathura Vrindavan Holi : 14 March 2022 : Rangbharni Ekadashi Bankey Bihari Temple Holi

5. Widow Holi : 15 March 2022 : Holi for Widows at Gopinath Temple, Vrindavan.

8. Paripally Gajamela (Paripally, Kerala) - 4 March 2022

The Paripally Galamela is celebrated at Paripally, 48 km to the north of Thiruvananthapuram. During this elephant fair over 50 elephants are taken out on a ritual procession on the tenth day of the festival.

9. Basant Utsav, Shanti Niketan (Kolkata, West Bengal) - 18 March 2022

Basanta Utsav literally means the ‘celebration of spring’. Falgun and Chaitra according to the Bengali calendar is the season of Dol Utsav. During this season nature shows its own beauty with colorful flowers of Palash, Shimul etc. The beautiful tradition of celebrating spring festival in Bengal was first started by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore at Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan. Actually, Basant Utsav is no different from Holi, except for the gracefulness with which it is celebrated.

10. Hola Mohalla (Anandpur Sahib, Punjab) - 17 to 20 March 2022

Hola Mahalla is an important Indian Sikh festival held in Anandpur Sahib in Punjab which follows Hindu festival of Holi. Unlike festival of Holi, when people playfully throw colored powders on each other, Hola Mahalla is an occasion for the Sikhs to demonstrate their martial skills. Sikhs gather here in large numbers to witness a very impressive and colourful procession of Nihangs, in their traditional attire displaying their skill in the use of arms, horse riding, and other war-like sports. The fair is also known for community service as langars (voluntary community kitchens) are held by the locals for serving traditional cuisine to visitors to this festival. You will have all this unique experience and also get a chance to visit Amritsar, city of “Golden Temple” and spiritual Capital of India “Rishikesh” as well as historical city of Delhi.

11. Gudi Padwa (Mumbai, Maharashtra) - 25 March 2022

Gudi Padwa is the Marathi New Year and is the New Year as per the luni-solar Chaitradi Hindu calendar. Chaitradi (chaitra-aadi) means 'beginning with Chaitra' and denotes a calendar system that considers the month of Chaitra as the start of new year. Going by tithi calendar, Gudi padwa falls on Chaitra Shuddha Padyami, meaning 1st day (Pardipada tithi) of Shukla paksha in the month of Chaitra.


12. Tulip Festival (Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir) - 1st to 3rd week of April 2022

One of its kind in India, the Tulip Festival in Kashmir celebrates the blooming season of the magnificent Tulips. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden adds to the natural beauty of Srinagar. Nestled on the foothills of Zabarwan Range, the largest tulip garden in Asia presents a stunning view of the Dal Lake. The seven terraced garden was built with the intention to promote tourism and floriculture in Kashmir.


13. Eid (Jama Masjid, New Delhi) - 2/3 May 2022

In Delhi, the iconic Jama Masjid is the centre of all activity during Ramadan and Eid. On most days, it is like a beautiful island of calm at the centre of the chaotic world of Old Delhi. But during Eid, India's largest mosque, which can hold a mind-blowing 25,000 people, is filled beyond capacity. It is a sight to behold!


14. Rathyaatra (Puri, Odisha) - 01 July 2022

The Rath Yatra or Car Festival of Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra (Holy Trinity) is undoubtedly the biggest and the most popular festivals of Odisha. Held in the month of June, this is when the Holy Trinity of Jagannath temple in Puri take off on their nine-day annual sojourn to their aunt's place―the Mausi Maa Temple or Gundicha Temple. Puri, the pilgrim city of Odisha, and Grand Road (Bada Danda) in particular, turns into a giant tide of spiritual fervour, breaking the barriers of caste, creed and religion. Driven by the surge of humanity, the deities make their way to their aunt’s place on three majestic chariots―Nandighosha (chariot of Lord Jagannath), Taladhwaja (chariot of Balabhadra) and Darpadalana (chariot of Subhadra).


15. Pandharpur Wari (Pandharpur, Maharashtra) - 10 July 2022

The Pandarpur Yatra is a pilgrimage to the Vithoba Temple, also known as VitthalRukmini Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Pandharpur Ashadhi Ekadasi Wari Yatra has been taking place for more than 700 years.


16. Nehru Trophy Boat Race (Alappuzha, Kerala) - 13 August 2022

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is conducted on the Punnamda Lake, near Alappuzha, on the second Saturday of August every year. On the day of this fiercely fought boat race, the tranquil lake front is transformed into a sea of humanity with an estimated two lakh people, including tourists from abroad for watching it. For the people of each village in Kuttanad, a victory at this race for their village boat is something to be celebrated for months to come.


17. Ganesh Chathurthi (Mumbai, Maharashtra) - from 20 August 2022 till 31 August 2022

Though the Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai is celebrated with much grandeur in many parts of the country, nothing, however, comes close to the enthusiasm and the grand scale of events that takes place in Mumbai. The festival was initially introduced by the Maratha ruler Shivaji Raje in his days; however, it was the freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak who provided the impetus to make this into a public event.


18. Haldi Festival (Pattan Kodoli, Maharashtra) - 16 to 23 October 2022

Every year for few days, the village of Pattan Kodoli, in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur district, turns yellow with clouds of turmeric. Such is the festival of Vittal Birdev Yatra, which marks the birth anniversary of the community’s deity, Vittal Birdev Maharaj. Last year, the celebrations lasted with men, women and children showering each other in turmeric.

19. Durga Puja (Kolkata, West Bengal) - 01 to 05 October 2022

Durga Puja in Kolkata has its own unique rituals. A week before Navratri begins; the idols of Goddess Durga are being painted and made ready except for the eyes. On the occasion of Mahalaya, the Goddess is invited on earth with rituals and so on this day, the eyes are drawn on the idols in an auspicious ritual called Chokku Daan. It is believed the Goddess descends to earth at the time of drawing the eyes on the idols. Kumartuli or potter's locality is a famous place in North Kolkata where a majority of the idols are made. Reach earlier than the actual dates to capture the preparations and related events.

20. Kulasai Dasara (Kulasekharapatnam, Tamil Nadu) - 05 October 2022

The Carnival of Kulasai Dasara is an oddly amazing festival, wherein you can get mesmerising shots owing to the fact that the festival is colourful and unique in its own manner. On the climatic day the sea shores of this otherwise deserted coastal village turns into veritable carnival of folk music and folk dance of the devotees in their chosen fancy dresses to either solicit the grace of or to thank for the boon granted by presiding deity Sri Mutharamman considered to be the incarnation of SAKTHI the consort of LORD SHIVA in Hinduism.

More than 1.5 million people gather here year after year on the tenth day after new moon day in the month purattasi (September/October) according to the Tamil calendar. Dussehra day is considered a most auspicious day.


21. Deepawali (Ayodhya, UP & Amritsar, Punjab) - 24 October 2022

Deepwali is without a doubt one of the most iconic festivals of India. Also referred to as the Festival of Lights, Deepawali is celebrated