TOP TEN | Lockdown Photography Ideas that you are missing on!

Updated: May 6, 2020

First and foremost, our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this pandemic that has taken a toll on human civilisation at large, and we advise you to stay inside your doors until and unless it is fit for all of us to go outside and shoot and explore!

Being indoors can be seriously mentally tiring when you are an explorer and photographer at heart, who has not been inside one door for even a full day! But, we cannot escape this reality as of now and all the option that we have got right now is to stay inside our homes as well as stay hopeful.

We feel how you are feeling right and so, we have curated this list of top 10 photography ideas that you can explore and learn while staying inside your homes!

1. Read and learn about great photographers.

Remember that photo you saw which truly inspired you to take this art form seriously and work more passionately? Read more about that! Get inspired by great photographers and their lives, the hard work and struggle they did to achieve the photos.

2. Document your family.

You didn't spend this much time with your family in the recent memories, did you? Now is time to relish those moments and document such beautiful moments for the lifetime!

3. Try miniature photography.

Use the little toys and showcase pieces along with your creativity to create a miniature art. Arrange the items to create a scene and use forced perspective to alter the dimensions creatively so as to create surreal effects!

4. Use water droplets.

Use your camera on a high shutter (1/800 sec+) setting to freeze a water droplet. All you need is a little bucket and a pricked polybag filled with water. Finally, use your creativity along with an external light source (for the backlight) to create stunning droplet art!

5. Explore the macro world

Everyone has a little natural arena in their houses. Maybe just one leaf, a plant or even a spider net or better yet a housefly! Try and use a macro lens on your phone/camera to shoot the macro world and see the unseen in a surreal way!

PRO TIP: Place a little drop of water on your phone camera lens to make it a basic macro shooter, if you do not have any lenses with you!

6. Everyday Fine Art!

Use your dining table as your studio this time! Arrange the eatables or anything that you feel can result in an artistically pleasing result. Couple all this with some external lighting (your phone flash light can do the job) and create magic!

7. Clone yourself!

You have always wanted to be a superhero, with some super powers, isn't it? If you are home, you are already a hero and now is time to become a greater one with some digital art. Use photoshop to clone yourself into various different positions in a single frame by keeping your camera on a tripod and clicking multiple images and finally, merging them all in the post processing on Photoshop!

8. Use digital screens for added flavour!

Use your computer or TV screens to make stunning background in your photos! Just open an image with the full-screen view that you want as your background and voila! You have got some unrealistically amazing images!

9. Cut-out silhouettes

This is a really creative idea to create stunning silhouettes while sitting in your balcony or porch. Just draw or print a human picture and cut it out of the paper with all possible details and place it anywhere you want to create amazing silhouette shots!

PRO TIP: Use this cut-outs during sunsets to create stunning silhouette shots!

10. Re-edit, Recreate!

You have got plenty of time with you. Why not open the archives and upgrade those old shots with newer techniques of editing that you have learnt all this while. Create and re-create! Now is the time.

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