10 Best Quotes About Photography!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Photographers typically reach fame thanks to one or several iconic shots, or perhaps thanks to a unique style they may have developed. They share their unique point of view with the world, captured through their lens. But, every now and then a pearl of wisdom gets passed on, and here at BasicsFoto we wanted to share them with you. So here are the top 10 photographer quotes you will ever need to read.

Robert Capa: “If your pictures aren’t good enough you’re not close enough.”

Alfred Eisenstaedt:

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

Burk Uzzle:

"Photography is a love affair with life."

Ansel Adams: "You don't take a photograph, you make it."

David Alan Harvey: "Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like."

Bill Brandt:

“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.”

Gilles Peress:

"I don't trust words. I trust pictures."

Yousuf Karsh:

"Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera."

Annie Leibovitz:

"One doesn't stop seeing. One doesn't stop framing. It doesn't turn off and turn on. It's on all the time."

Henri Cartier-Bresson:

"In photography, you've got to be quick, quick, quick, quick. Like an animal and a prey.

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