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BasicsFoto Adda

Have you ever wanted to learn photography or just creating jaw-dropping content or have you ever felt that you can up your game 10X given proper guidance and training?


We at BasicsFoto bring to you Adda! 

The custom made short certification programs, courses & workshops from the absolute bests in the industry, to help you enhance your game at least 10X times!

COMING VERY SOON to transform how you learn photography!

BasicsFoto Adda

BasicsFoto Marketplace

So you have the skills? You have the gears? You have everything it takes to make it big in the industry?

But what? Not getting enough opportunities? 

We at BasicsFoto bring you the Marketplace! 

The photographer's marketplace from where brands/individuals can hire you directly!

Find the perfect project that suits you and your style of creating content and start making money!

BasicsFoto Marketplace
BasicFoto Rentals

BasicsFoto Rental Store

It happens often that you have got all the skills but not enough equipments to actually create the vision you have! Well not anymore! Let the roadblock of gear shortage vanish!

We at BasicsFoto bring you the Rental Store! 

Rent equipments and gears ranging from camera bodies, lenses to even smallest of the accessories!

Go out there and create history!

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