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Just Dance Summer Party [UPD]

Just Dance Summer Party can leave the uninitiated huffy, puffy and feeling like their arms and legs have Jell-O in them. Of course, players can take the easy approach and just waggle an arm holding the Wii remote. The game also features some nice stretching techniques preceding a few of the dances that work rather well.

Just Dance Summer Party

What is with music video games? It seems that every major player in the genre is just repeating the same mistakes; multiple games, countless expansions and rapid fire sequels are just some of the burdens that fans of music and rhythm games must endure. Dance Dance Revolution did it, Guitar Hero did it (and then some) and now, on the eve of its first expansion track pack, the same questions that plagued those series are being asked of the Just Dance series. But some hope remains, as Just Dance 2 was actually a fun and well-received game (read our review here), so is Just Dance: Summer Party the dance-off of the year or should you come up with a lame excuse to avoid the party?

But there are some less successful additions. Assuming the "summer party" suffix is a serving suggestion, the few token indie tracks rather stand out amid the camp silliness. I Predict A Riot isn't a song I've ever felt was particularly summery, while the inclusion of Pulp's catchy-but-melancholy Disco 2000 suggests that somebody hasn't been paying much attention to the lyrics. Perhaps most baffling is the decision to include classic sun-kissed indie moptops Dodgy, but then use Good Enough rather than their more obvious and popular Staying Out For The Summer. 041b061a72

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