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Q. How to see the exhibit?

A. Visit the link on top of this page, or visit the gallery directly from here.

Q. How will the winners be decided?

A. The winners will be decided based on the number of people loving their photos, tallied with the judges results. The final rights rest with the judges and BasicsFoto.


Q. How to like/love a photo?

A. When you open a photo or, hover over a particular photograph in the gallery itself, you will see a 'heart-shaped' icon. Just press on it and your like will be registered. 

Q. How many winners will be there in total?

A. There will be total three winners. A grand winner and two runners-up. 


Q. What are the prizes offered?

A. The winners will be awarded with camera accessories worth INR 10,000 along with membership of BasicsFoto club. 


Q. I have participated in the exhibit and didn't win. Will I get anything?

A. Yes. All the 70 participants are eligible for a BasicsFoto club membership and a participation certificate.  

Drop us an e-mail here for any further queries!

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- There is an option to buy photographs right from the gallery itself!

- The minimum price of any photograph is set at $20 USD (INR 1500) for the digital copy. 

- You can add the photo to cart and checkout easily. 
- To make the payment, kindly go through the information while checkout or contact us.

- We will facilitate you to get the photos that you buy ASAP. 

NOTE: 70% of the payment will go to the photographer on any purchase.