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Thank you for your amazing
submissions for Vol. 03!

Submissions Closed

Guidelines for submissions:


1. You can upload as many entries as you want. However, only the first entry is free. You will need to pay a submission fees of INR 100 per entry for all the subsequent entries. Mail/DM us if you want to enter more than one entry.   

2. Kindly adhere to the theme of the magazine issue. Out of theme photographs will not be entertained.

3. Max upload size is 10 MB.

4. Only JPEG format entries are allowed. 

5. There is no limit to your creative freedom and thoughts.  

6. Photo processing is allowed but it shouldn't hamper the original charm of the photograph. 

7. You should be the original and sole owner of the photograph. 

8. In no way, the successful submission means selection for the magazine. 

For any queries, drop us a mail at 

Click on the below icon to download the magazine!


We at BasicsFoto have designed the Magazine, with the sole intention to help the artists, photographers and creators upgrade themselves with the latest info and get the much deserved recognition! Read the issue now!

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