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I am Jitendra Singh, a born and brought up in Jaipur (Rajasthan), one who on gradual journey of life found his love in teaching and capturing moments around.

  • How did you start photography and what has been the biggest turning point in your photography life?


I have been clicking photos from my early childhood, but i started posting photos on Instagram during  the end months of the year 2017. Since then, I have been a curious learner of photography as an art and science (techniques). There have been lots of turning points, the major one being Instagram and the support I have been getting from the community.

  • How has the journey been from an MBA graduate to a known face in the Indian Photography Community?


Honestly my MBA degree only quenched my thirst for knowledge in the field of management, photography on the other hand is a coolest breeze keeping me afresh, still i feel grateful towards our photography Community which has been too kind and modestly generous in recognising my little efforts.

  • What inspires you the most as a visual artist?

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The beauty of life, the colours of nature, diversity of cultures, emotions, life stories, details, patterns and moments inspire me the most when it comes to photography.

  • Please tell us about your achievements in photography field?


My biggest achievement is the affection I get from photography Community on n off Instagram. Other than that, I am a GoPro awardee, Hipa annual theme verified finalist, have also been featured on major photography handles on Instagram, and because I love sharing whatever I know and inspire others I have conducted few workshops, meet ups, photowalks and lectures on photography too.

  • What does Jitendra do when he is not clicking pictures?


I love to see sunsets, I love walking, meditation. I also read and listen to spiritual wisdom every now and then, when I am free. 

  • If you had to choose between creating photos and being on Instagram, what would you choose and why?


Creating photos will always be my choice, at the end of the day Instagram is only a platform to showcase my art, creating photos fills me with an inner contentment.

  • What equipment(s) are there in your camera bag?


I have a Canon 77d, 18-135 mm and 50mm lenses, a GoPro hero5 and an Honor v20 mobile phone. That's it.

  • What is your thought process when you are clicking photos? Are there any pre defined ideas or is it just spontaneous?


I love to get blown away by the beauty of change in light, the movement in daily life, the emotions, the architectural art works, incredible colours nature has, that's how I shoot. Following certain basic techniques of photography the rest is done by my instinct connecting with things around , I observe and plunge into the moment. Shooting also gets affected by my mood, energy levels, weather conditions and light.

  • Is there anything else you want to share with your fans?

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Do things for your inner fulfilment, engage in what you like and not what will fetch u material rewards.