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Aarohan tiwari

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I'm 23years old. I'm a software engineer by degree and a full-time freelance photographer who left his 9-5 job. I'm a person who loves to meet new people and learn more about their stories and culture. I try to find joy in the littlest of things. Photography has taught me that every single moment can be special. There's something unique about everything, so I love cherishing the sweet details of life. I love exploring new things and new surroundings as I believe that curiosity is the driving force towards knowledge.

  • Tell us about your beginning as a photographer.

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I've loved photography since childhood but it never came out as a passion/obsession for me until I got into my 2nd year of college (end of 2015). The beginning always feels difficult because a lot of technicalities have to be understood and there's no proper goal. Looking back at the time when I actually started it, I feel I was too curious to learn and eventually became obsessed with taking pictures all the time that the whole process didn't even feel like a process that I was going through. In the beginning, I spent hours daily learning about compositions and storytelling. I used to try and shoot something every single day which I still try to do. I believe that learning never stops, there are just different phases of it.

  • What made you switch from a corporate job to photography?


I just can't bear with the daily monotony. While I was working I used to feel really stressed out by the thoughts that I was missing out on what I loved doing the most, literally. Not being able to learn and shoot as much as I wanted to was something that was really bothering me a lot. I had realized that it was the right time to pursue photography full time as a career. One thing that really helped me make the switch was the experience I had gained working as a freelancer by taking some small photography projects in my college. So I had a portfolio in my hand and I knew how to earn through photography. Also, my parents are really supportive and I'm genuinely grateful for that!

  • You travel a lot. Is there any interesting story which you want to share with us?

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The joy of taking photographs makes me want to travel. I always consider myself a photographer first and then a traveller. Honestly, I think I haven't travelled a lot yet but there're some good memories from Pondicherry. What makes it interesting is that me and my brother used to walk around 20-25 kms daily to explore the streets and understand their culture. I feel that the best way to explore any place is on foot!

  • What all is there in your camera bag?

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I use Canon 77D body and 4 lenses with it. My lenses are 50mm 1.8, 10-18mm, 18-55mm, 55-250mm.

  • What is your take on viral photography trends on social media?

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Personally I feel that people shouldn't be running after the idea of viral photography. Genuinely taking pictures of what they like is more important. Literally anybody can go viral on social media. Just have faith in your work and keep creating. Also, I think people should feel free to do whatever makes them happy.

  • Can you tell us about your achievements in life regarding photography?


Getting to work with my dream brands is definitely an achievement for me. Also getting appreciation from Canon feels like an achievement. Apart from photography I'm a published writer for the Orbit magazine and I feel really proud of that. It's just the start of my journey let's see how the future unravels itself.

  • What is your thought process while clicking a photograph?


The first thing that comes to my mind even before taking a picture is the desired frame that I would love to capture at that particular moment in that environment. I think that having a rough idea about what you want to shoot and how you want to shoot it gives you an edge. Secondly, I always try to find the purpose of that particular photograph that I'm about to shoot. The question 'why' am I shooting it always comes to mind. If I have an answer to that question then most of the times I'm a bit satisfied. Thirdly, I think about 'what' do I want to portray and 'how' do I want to portray that scene. Even with all these thoughts sometimes you just have to rush and go with the flow because once a moment is gone it may never occur again. So I try to be as spontaneous as I can be.

  • What has been the best experience in your photography career so far?


The satisfaction and joy that photography provides me is incomparable to any other specific experience. I just love the process of making pictures. But I'm really grateful that I've been able to work with some of the biggest brands, which was at some point a dream come true.

  • Is there anything else you want to share with your fans?


Consistency and hard work always beat talent when talent doesn't work hard! Get in the field and shoot as much as you can. The more you shoot the more you learn. Feel free to explore the different genres of photography when you're starting out, this will help you in understanding what you really like. Have faith in yourself, your vision makes you unique.

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